Greetings from the edge of the Arctic


Iceland is a majestic place of rugged mountains, mighty glaciers and translucent waters that together create the most extraordinary landscapes. It is also home to diverse flora and fauna uniquely able to call this country home. Tundra, our brand and on-line shop is inspired by Icelandic nature and landscapes. We run our business from our farm that is located in the midst of the beautiful countryside of North West Iceland. At our farm we also run a dairy operation and a gift shop. As farmers our lives are intimately connected with the Arctic environment and various country and nature themes are reflected in our product design and product selection.


Our on-line shop specializes in high quality textiles and gifts including scented candles, various home textiles, and different decorative items. Some of the products are produced under our own brands, i.e. Tundra and our sister brand Lagdur, but we also offer other carefully selected brands. Majority of our products are Icelandic design, but we also offer a few selected products from other countries.


We believe that our on-line shop offers convenient gifts for those enjoying the beautiful nature of the Arctic, or for those interested in unique Icelandic design for their home. Whether you have a rustic country cabin or an elegant city apartment our nature-inspired products will add that special touch.


Unfortunately our on-line shop is at this time only offered in Icelandic, with prices listed in Icelandic kronas. We are, however, working on an English version that will be up and running soon.


We welcome inquiries regarding our on-line shop as well as on our farm based gift shop. Please contact us at:, or by phone: +354 8930103.

You can also visit our farm's website, which contains various information on our farm and gift shop: 

By shopping at Tundra you are supporting a family-run business in rural Iceland. Thank you for stopping by. 


Elín Aradóttir & Ingvar Björnsson, owners of Tundra